In this section we will concentrate on declarative animation in SVG. The sections are:

  • A Primer on the declarative animation facilities available in SVG. The functionality that makes SVG unique from many other similar systems.
  • Look at why SVG being an XML application is useful. It gives us the ability to build applications on top of SVG that can transform into the lower level SVG relatively easily and greatly enhances the power of SVG. Most of these advantages would be lost as is likely to happen if SVG 1.2 moves support of declarative animation from SVG content to CSS styling which would make no sense at all.
  • Some early attempts to build on top of SVG
  • Our current set of animation aids called path_ology that provides a set of XML tools to transform SVG elements as required
  • An activity by one of our students to see if you could really build a full 3D system with hidden-line elimination on top of SVG using XSLT
  • Our key frame system for defining 3D scenes in path_ology that allows us to transform these into XML-based declarative SVG animation relatively easily