This section gives some examples of other SVG animations attempted over the last 10 years.

The sections are:

  • Teaching: mainly animations used in teaching at Oxford Brookes University with content that was generated by ourselves and others.
  • Little Big Horn: a fun project just to see if the whole battle could be animated. It is still to be completed. Basically, waiting for faster PCs and better implementations of SVG animation that would allow a few thousand arrows and bullets to be added ;-)
  • Hash Tables: a rewrite of the six films on hash tables used in teaching at Brunel University in the 1970-1990 period.
  • Change and Chance: an attempt at a rewrite of the A-level Physics films generated around 1969. The units of energy used in the original film appeared as 900 asterisks randomly distributed across 900 squares. The SC4020 microfilm recorder coped with this without any trouble in 1969. The implementation in SVG used a special SVG font that rendered the set of energy units on a specific square as one glyph. Unfortunately it has stopped working in the original form since browser support for SVG fonts is no longer widely available. A mock up of the student game is provided and a rewrite of five of the six films.
  • Roadtrains: originally a SMIL presentation that turned into an SVG animation using a special SVG roadtrain font. An effort has been made to get this to work again in a limited form. No longer has the smooth running of an ever longer roadtrain as it did the traversal of Australia from Bamaga to Broome.